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Safeguard is pleased to announce that we have partnered with NoCheck Payment Services to collect and maintain banking information to allow for electronic direct deposit (ACH) of your weekly checks. Over the next 6 months we will be sending out enrollment letters with instructions on how to log into our partner NoCheck’s secure website to provide your bank account information. Safeguard will not maintain, or have access to your banking information. It will be each vendor’s responsibility to log into NoCheck’s website and keep your bank account information current. We will be focusing on our largest vendors in the first wave of letters, but will work our way through our entire network in each successive wave. Please watch your mail for this exciting opportunity to improve your cash flow and avoid delays stemming from the postal service.

If your routing isn't working, please utilize the new CREATE STANDALONE EXCEL FILE option at the bottom of the page. This option works with Windows 8!! Click the link on the page for assistance if you need help. Thank you!

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